Industrial Shop Carts (Flat or Pan Top)  -  ME-200



The ME-200 Industrial Shop Cart was made to withstand the adverse conditions of any shop.  Manufactured completely from 1/8 inch steel and a customizable powder coat finish, durability will never come into question.  Features two swivel/braking & two rigid, 8 inch, non-marking Duratek casters.  This shop cart will roll over almost anything you'll come across in your shop, and not mark up the floor of even the cleanest shop in the process.  Rated to handle 2400 lbs., there isn't much this cart can't handle.  Available in Flat or Pan Top options.  The Pan Top model features a 1.5 inch lip on the shop cart's top surface.

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Specifications  |  Industrial Shop Cart ME-200 Flat/Pan Top  |  $475.00 + $99 Shipping
Capacity 2400 lbs.
Dimensions Length: 48 in. Width: 24 in. Height: 33 in. Between Shelves: 22 in.
Weight 150 lbs.

1/8 Steel Construction
Powdercoat Finish
8x2 in. Duratek Non-Marking Casters (2 Swivel/Braking, 2 Rigid)

Options Flat Top
Pan Top



Small Shop Cart  -  ME-210



Take a look at our small and sturdy industrial shop cart featuring 2 swivel/braking and 2 rigid rubber wheels with a fully welded frame. An interesting feature on this cart is the included removable clipboard holder which sits on the handle and top shelf to more easily hold those work orders. Like the cart but want a different color? Give our Sales Team a call at 1-800-305-8117 to easily order the cart in a custom color like gray, black, or something to match your logo color scheme.

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Specifications  |  Small Shop Cart ME-210  $299.00 + $79 Shipping
Capacity 2000 lbs.
Dimensions Length: 36 in. Width: 24 in. Height: 33 in. Between Shelves: 22 in.
Weight 120 lbs.

1/8 Steel Construction
Powdercoat Finish
6x2 in. Duratek Non-Marking Casters, 600lb capacity (2 Swivel/Braking, 2 Rigid)


Clipboard Holder Accessory - Included

Customizable powdercoat colors - Please call 1-800-305-8117 to order



Want something a little different? Think about giving our ME-210AT a try. Featuring our 10" foam filled tires, this cart can roll easily outdoors, over rough terrain, or anywhere you like. With a weight limit of 1600 lbs it is still an extremely heavy duty shop cart. The larger foam filled tires add 4 inches height to the cart, so the bottom shelf is 12" from the ground and the top shelf is at 38". To order the 210 with All Terrain wheels, simply find the drop down menu just above the "Add to Cart" button on the store page and choose the second option for the "10" All Terrain Wheels".

$370 + $89 Shipping.