Large Outboard Display Stand  -  ME-110 D


The ME-110 Display is a minimally designed stand made for display purposes only, it is not to be used as a service stand. The minimal structure allows the motor to stand front and center in your show room or tradeshow booth. The narrower wheelbase takes up less floor space than our service stand and allows easier traffic around it. Fits all standard bolt-on outboard motors up to 800 lbs.

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Specifications  |  Large Outboard Display Stand ME-110D  |  $399.00 + $99 Shipping

Capacity Accommodates 30 inch shaft; maximum load of 800 lbs; bolt-on outboards
Length: 35  1/2 inches Width: 37 3/4 inches Height: 46 1/4 inches
Weight 117 lbs

14 gage Steel Construction

Textured Black Powder Coat Finish

5" Synthetic Swivel Casters, 1000 lb Capacity Each

Outboard Display Stand  -  ME-100

me100 03

The Sternmaster Outboard Display Stand will add the perfect touch to your showroom and/or trade show booth by giving it the extra distinction you've been looking for. Each outboard motor stand is precision manufactured using heavy duty steel components and has a smooth powder coated black finish. The engine's cavitation plate is clamped down between two padded surfaces to prevent scratching. This stand can be customized by adding information plates and color. The standard shipped information plate option is the sticker plate, but upgrade at no additional cost to the card plate. The custom plate upgrade will include some additional design and manufacturing costs. Please contact our Sales Team at 1-800-305-8117 for additional customization information or to order a custom stand.

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Specifications  |  Outboard Display Stand ME-100  |  $169.00 + $35 Shipping
Capacity Accommodates small to medium size outboard motor
Dimensions Length: 20.5 inches Width: 16 inches Height: 15.5 inches
Weight 17 lbs; 18 lbs. with plate  
Materials All carbon steel construction
Black powder coat finish
Accessories Sticker Plate, Card Plate, Custom Plate

 Pick from the following information plates:

 me 100 01d me 100 02 cp   me 100 03d
Sticker Plate - standard option Card Plate - free upgrade Custom Plate - upgrade at additional cost



Multi-Outboard Display Stand  -  ME-105

me105alone4 The Sternmaster Multi-Outboard Motor Stand is capable of displaying three
15 horsepower outboard motors, or 100 lbs. per motor support.  If by chance you don't need three motors displayed at once, the Multi-Outboard Motor Stand will remain balanced and stable even with only a single motor on display.  Features a removeable post cap with half inch hole for sign placement, and adjustable motor supports which are placed in a triangle pattern.  Designed for easy assembly without tools or hardware, the Multi-Outboard Motor Stand will get your outboards on display in no time.

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Specifications  |  Multi-Outboard Motor Stand ME-105  |  $430.00 + $49 Shipping
Capacity Three 15hp motors/100 lbs per support
Dimensions Height: 37 in. Base: 31 in.
Weight 60 lbs

11 gage steel construction
Textured black powder coat finish



Small Outboard Display Stand  -  ME-90 

Small Outboard D 4f85cab4d2556 The Sternmaster Small Outboard Display Stand is a great way to show off your small outboard motor.  Created with a low profile design to make your outboard motor stand out amongst the rest, but with a wide enough base to provide maximum stability, it is manufactured out of steel with a durable black wrinkle powder coat finish. This small outboard motor stand will hold any standard outboard, up to 5 horsepower or 60lbs, using bolted clamps with foam pads to avoid damaging your outboard motor and giving it a snug fit.

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Specifications  |  Small Outboard Display Stand ME-90  |  $129.00 + $29 Shipping

Capacity Standard Outboards, 5 horsepower or 60 lbs
Please Note: May not fit all antique outboards due to variations in the cavitation plates.
Dimensions Length: 20 in. Width: 18 in. Height: 12.5 in.
Weight 12 lbs

14 gage Steel Construction
Black Wrinkle Powder Coat Finish



Three Outboard Motor Display Stand  -  ME-106

106 front

Looking for a professional way to display your small outboards? Why not give the ME-106 a try. Perfect for showcasing up to 3 small clamp-on outboards in a straight line, give equal distinction to each motor with this stable display stand. This display comes with 2 brochure holders that can be attached to each side and can hold a stack of tri-fold pamphlets, making it especially great for your store or tradeshow booth.

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Specifications  |  Three Outboard Display Stand ME-106  |  $225.00 + $49 Shipping

Capacity Three Small Clamp-on Outboard Motors, holds a total maximum weight of 400lbs
Dimensions Base: 48 in. wide x 36.25 in. deep Clamping Area: 36.75 in. Height: 40 in.
Weight 61 lbs

14 gage Steel Construction
Textured Black Powder Coat Finish

Pontoon / Tritoon Dolly  -  ME-350

me 350

The ME-350 Pontoon/Tritoon Dolly features rubber coated 18" long adjustable bunks allowing it to be used for several different shaped pontoons or a standard hull boat. 1 order is for a single pontoon dolly.

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Specifications - Pontoon/Tritoon Dolly ME-350
Capacity 1500lbs per dolly
Dimensions Front to Back: 21 1/2 in. Width: 23 1/4 in. Height: 8.5 in. (pontoon) or 13.1 inches (tritoon)
Weight 50 lbs.

11 ga. Steel Frame
Rubber Coated Bunks

5" Synthetic Swivel Casters, 1000 lb Capacity Each

Smooth Black Powdercoated Frame