Sternmaster Tools - Service, Storage & Display

Our products here at Sternmaster Marine Tools are designed to be flexible and can be used in a variety of applications. From our large multi outdrive/lower unit storage rack to our single outboard display stand, we have the durable equipment for your needs. Sternmaster provides equipment to service, display, and store your outdrive or outboard motor, and many of our products are multi-purpose, so you will get a lot of use from them. We even make an Industrial Shop Cart to ferry your outdrive/outboard equipment from point A to point B easily.


Quick Product Reference Sheet

Product Service Storage Display
ME 90 Small Outboard Motor Display Stand     90
ME 100 Outboard Display Stand     100
ME 105 Multi-Outboard Motor Stand   105 105
ME 106 Three Outboard Motor Stand     106
ME 110 Large Outboard Service Stand (also in Galvanized) 110 110 110
ME-110AT All Terrain Large Outboard Service Stand (also in Galvanized) 110AT 110AT 110AT
ME-110HC High Capacity Large Outboard Service Stand 110HC 110HC 110HC
ME 112 Hitch-Mounted Outdrive/Lower Unit Service Stand 112    
ME 113 Single Outdrive/Lower Unit Cart 113 113  
ME 114 Eight Outdrive/Lower Unit Storage Rack 114 114 114
ME 114 EXTENSION Eight Outdrive/Lower Unit Storage Rack Extension 114EXT 114EXT 114EXT
ME 140 Small Outboard Motor Dolly (also in Galvanized) 140 140 140
ME 140 AT All-Terrain Outboard Motor Dolly (also in Galvanized) 140AT    
ME 150 Large Outboard Storage Rack 150 150 150
ME 160 Outboard Motor Wall Storage Brackets   160  
ME 165 Lightweight Outboard Motor Storage Wall Brackets   165  
ME 190 Inboard/Outboard Winterizing Cart 190    
ME 200 Industrial Shop Cart 200    
ME 210 Small Shop Cart 210    
ME-210AT All Terrain Small Shop Cart 210AT    
ME 500 Toolbox 500    
ME 550 Technician's Supercart¬© 550    

Take a moment and look at our high quality, durable, and professional products. We offer a lifetime warranty on every product. Our marine mechanic tools have been locally tested and approved by marine mechnics.