Nine Outdrive Storage Rack EXTENSION

ME-114 EXTENSION is an ADD ON option for the ME-114. Bolt as many sections together as you want for unlimited storage options. *Please remember you must buy the ME-114 first, as the EXTENSION is shipped with only 1 leg and will not function on its own.
*Please note the ME-114EXT ships on a skid and must be shipped to a business location with the proper unloading facilities.
Shipping Cost: $99.00

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January 2023 Restock

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  • Capacity Accommodates 9 Outdrives/Lower Units
  • Dimensions Length: 48 1/2 inches
    Width: 24 inches
    Height: 55 1/2 inches
  • Weight 145 lbs
  • Materials Steel
    Red Powdercoat
    5" Swivel Casters, 1000 lb Capacity Each

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    Call our Sales Team at 1-800-305-8117 if you are shipping to a residential address, school, military location, or internationally.

Above Drawing depicts the old style 8 outdrive storage rack, the new style 9 outdrive storage rack will fit 5 units on the bottom row and 4 units on the top row.

Need to store more than 9 outdrives / sterndrives? Get the ME-114 EXTENSION, an add on option to our standard ME-114. As you can see in the photo, the EXTENSION is made with scratch-preventing sheaths and powder coated just like the standard ME-114 (shown in gray), the EXTENSION only ships with 1 leg instead of two so you can bolt it directly to your standard unit - creating a longer storage unit. The included 3.5" bolts make connecting the standard and EXTENSION very easy. The best part of the EXTENSION is the unlimited amount of storage available by ordering a single ME-114 and as many EXTENSIONS as you want.


Click here to order the standard ME-114.


1 leg with wheels is shipped with the upper and lower storage racks and 3.5" bolts, MUST BOLT ONTO STANDARD ME-114 (will not stand on it's own)

Rubber protection

Scratch preventing rubber sleeves protect your outdrive

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Units in box: 1

How many of these can I add to the original ME-114?

Unlimited amounts.

Can I get the ME-114EXT in a different color?

Yes, but there will be a longer lead time and most likely an extra charge.

  • We stock the ME-114EXT in red as pictured.
  • We can substitute black powder coat at no extra charge, but with a 1-2 week lead-time.
  • Any other color will require an extra charge and longer lead time. Please contact us with your desired color for quotes