The Outboard Motor Test Tank can be used with the ME-110 Large Outboard Stand or the ME-140 Small Outboard Stand. It can be converted into a conventional test tank by installing a wood transom into the interior brackets. Larger outboards may not be able to run at full throttle in this tank. *Please note the ME-OMTT ships on a large skid and must be shipped to a business location with the proper unloading facilities.
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Outboard Motor Test Tank - ME-OMTT

ME-OMTT stock is limited and may have a 3 week lead time. Please call to verify if you have time constraints. It is sold separate from the ME-110 or ME-140.

The ME-110 HC DOES NOT work with the Test Tank. The ME-140AT DOES NOT work with the test tank.

  • Capacity Use with our ME-110 or ME-140 for clamp on or smaller bolt on outboard motors
    Holds 265 gallons of water at the recommended level
  • Dimensions Length: 60 inches
    Width: 47 inches
    Height: 41 inches
  • Weight 450 lbs
  • Materials Steel
    Hot-Dip Galvanized
    Comes with: Drain Plug, 2 Rubber Coated Brackets, 2 Pins with Wire Locks

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The ME-OMTT is designed to be a great asset for easier testing of outboards. In order to eliminate the need to constantly pick up and move outboards from stand to test tank and back, our tank is designed so the legs of the ME-140 or ME-110 follow channels under the test tank. To use, rotate the motor up into the lock position, roll the stand into the test tank brackets and pin them into place, then rotate the outboard back down into the run position while on the stand. As an example, we have tested a 15 hp motor full throttle in the forward position. You can see that test on You Tube. Larger outboards may not be able to run at full throttle in this tank. Our test tank and stands are designed to work together so that while an outboard is mounted on the stand it never needs to be removed throughout maintenance and testing, saving time and contributing to safety.

The test tank is able to be picked up with a fork truck, while full of water, and moved wherever you need. The entire unit is hot dip galvanized for greater protection from different environments. The test tank comes with a drain plug, 2 rubber coated brackets, and 2 pins with wire locks.

We have also designed the test tank so that you may, if you wish, add a 34" long 2"x8" board into channels welded inside in order to use the tank without having one of our stands.

youtube 32See the ME-OMTT in action on YouTube.

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Does the Test Tank come with a stand?

No. The Test Tank does not come with a stand, and it does not come with a wood transom. You will need to create your own wood transom if you want one, and you will need to purchase an ME-140 or ME-110 to work with the Test Tank.

Which stands work with the ME-OMTT

Our ME-140 and ME-110 both work with the ME-OMTT Test Tank

These versions will NOT work: ME-140AT, ME-110AT, and ME-110HC