ME-140 Lower Unit Service Accessory

ME-140 LUSA - Lower Unit Service Accessory hooks onto the ME-140 to create a quick workstation for lower unit repair.
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Lower Unit Service Accessory for ME-140 - ME-140LUSA

Designed to hook onto an ME-140, the Lower Unit Service Accessory provides a safe place to put a lower unit for repair or to keep it off the floor while working on other parts. The forks are coated in a thick rubber to prevent scratches and it comes with a simple pin to provide assurance the LUSA stays in place.

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We offer the option of an "Old Style Bracket" for $20. This is shown in the photo sequence below and is designed to bolt onto the original style ME-140 bodies. Seen here is a newer style body which has the bracket welded onto the body. Please don't order the old style bracket unless you already have an ME-140, and please call us to confirm your order if you are ordering today. Generally speaking our galvanized bodies have the welded bracket and the red powdercoated bodies do not, but we may have a limited number of others available.

me 140bracket


Units in box: 1

How does the ME-140LUSA work?

The LUSA bracket hooks over the bracket welded to the ME-140. There is a detent ring pin included for additional security.


Can I get the ME-140LUSA in a different color?

Yes, but there will be a longer lead time and most likely an extra charge.

  • We stock the ME-140LUSA in red powder coat as pictured.
  • We can substitute black powder coat at no extra charge, but with a 1-2 week lead-time.
  • Any other color will require an extra charge and longer lead time. Please contact us with your desired color for quotes