ME-140 Transportation Cage

The ME-140CAGE is a Transportation Cage made for moving an ME-140 with a Raider outboard attached securely. Other motors may fit. Fits the ME-140. MADE TO ORDER
*Please note the ME-140CAGE ships on a skid and must be shipped to a business location with the proper unloading facilities.
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ME-140 Transportation Cage - ME-140CAGE

The ME-140CAGE fits our ME-140 to keep your outboard safe from damage during long transportation trips on a truck or trailer. The ME-140 will roll into the cage and is secured in place with 4 rubber coated brackets and hitch pins. A moveable collar snugs up to the outboard to keep it from shifting. Use the 2 back wheels of the ME-140 to tilt back and roll the cage wherever it needs to go (like a 2 wheeled dolly). You may fasten multiple cages together with the included 4 Cage Connector Brackets.

The ME-140 Cage has been specifically designed to fit one of our ME-140's with a RAIDER 40 or RAIDER 50 Outboard on the dolly, but it may well fit other motors. Please contact us if you have any concerns about your outboard fitting.

The ME-140CAGE is made to order and has a month and a half or longer lead time. It is sold as a seperate accessory for the ME-140 line of products - it does not include the ME-140.

Units in box: 1

Can I get the ME-140CAGE in a different color?

Yes, but there may be a longer lead time and most likely an extra charge.