Hitch-Mounted Outdrive/Lower Unit Service Stand - ME-112


This unique outdrive/lower unit stand is incredibly useful for making house calls. It is made of thick, durable steel, and powder coated in a bright red finish. Each bracket has a scratch preventing liner to help protect your outdrive/sterndrive. It also has a simple stabilizing system to keep drives upright. It fits in any standard 2" receiver. Note: This product is NOT meant for transporting outdrives!

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  • Capacity Accommodates all outdrives/lower units
    Compatible with 2" hitch receiver
  • Dimensions Length: 28 1/2 inches
    Width: 5 1/2 inches
    Height: 8 inches
  • Weight 12 lbs
  • Materials Steel
    Red Powdercoat

Single Outdrive/Lower Unit Cart - ME-113

me-113_outdrive me-113

The Single Outdrive/Lower Unit Cart is perfect for transporting stern drives from one end of your shop to the other. Two nylon bolts help keep outdrives/sterndrives upright and stable. The stand features scratch-preventing sheaths to ensure that outdrives are well protected during transport. Locking casters ensure that it stays where you put it. If you are looking for an outdrive dolly, look no farther than our small and space efficient single outdrive/lower unit cart.

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  • Capacity Accommodates all outdrives/lower units
  • Dimensions Length: 22 inches
    Width: 14 3/4 inches
    Height: 19 1/5 inches
  • Weight 49 1/2 lbs
  • Materials Steel
    Red Powdercoat
    5" Swivel Casters, 1000 lbs Capacity Each

Nine Outdrive/Lower Unit Storage Rack - ME-114


Need a rack for 9 outdrive/sterndrives? This heavy duty, all steel outdrive boat motor stand is the perfect solution! The Outdrive Storage Rack is made with scratch-preventing sheaths and is powder coated to ensure that the integrity of outdrives remain intact. 4 units will fit on the top rack and 5 units fit offset on the bottom rack. Locking 4" casters ensure that this rack stays in place.

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  • Capacity Accommodates 9 Outdrives/Lower Units
  • Dimensions Length: 50 1/2 inches
    Width: 24 inches
    Height: 55 1/2 inches
  • Weight 175 lbs
  • Materials Steel
    Red Powdercoat
    5" Swivel Casters, 1000 lb Capacity Each

Click here to view Outdrive Storage Rack assembly instructions.

Outdrive/Lower Unit Storage Rack EXTENSION - ME-114 EXTENSION

Unlimited Outdrive/Lower Unit Storage Rack Solutions


Need to store more than 9 outdrives / sterndrives? Get the ME-114 EXTENSION, an add on option to our standard ME-114. As you can see in the photo, the EXTENSION is made with scratch-preventing sheaths and powder coated just like the standard ME-114 (shown in gray), the EXTENSION only ships with 1 leg instead of two so you can bolt it directly to your standard unit - creating a longer storage unit. 4 units fit on the top rack and 5 units fit offset on the bottom rack. The included 3.5" bolts make connecting the standard and EXTENSION very easy. The best part of the EXTENSION is the unlimited amount of storage available by ordering a single ME-114 and as many EXTENSIONS as you want.


Workbench I/O Accessories: ME-180-WBB, ME-180-UG, ME-180-LU


ME-180-WBB Workbench Base Mount bolts to a flat surface (hardware not included) to hold the lower unit and upper gearcase holding adaptors for easy maintenance. The adaptors are not included.

The ME-180-UG is adjustable to fit most gearcases. It easily bolts to the mounting area of the I/O drive for maintenance.

The ME-180-LU slides easily into the base mount for easy maintenance on lower units.

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  • Capacity Accommodates all outdrives/lower units
  • Materials 16 Gage Steel
    Red Powdercoat

Sterndrive Installation Cart - ME-186

ME 186Outdrive

The Sternmaster ME-186 Sterndrive/Outdrive Installation Cart is what we came up with after being asked by technician's to build a different style device for removing and installing lower units.

  • Ease of Use: The low profile rolling frame is easy to push into place and make quick adjustments.
  • Small footprint makes it easier to remove outdrives/sterndrives with limited space around the boat
  • May not have to remove cooling lines or planing devices such as whale tails/hydrofoil fins connected to the cavitation plate
  • At 58 lbs (without removable tray) it is also ideal for mobile servicing
  • In addition to working with your average outdrives/stern drives, this works well with Volvo Penta’s cavitation plates and large outdrives such as the Mercury Bravo Three
  • By raising to a comfortable height, this has been used as a service platform once the outdrive is removed
  • Removable tray included to support oil pans, tools, parts, etc
  • 5” rubber wheels roll over hoses and uneven surfaces quietly and easily
  • Covered lifting forks eliminates possible paint damage to the outdrive
  • Height adjustment of the support forks is from 14” off the ground to 40” high
  • Clears most standard and aftermarket swim platforms

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  • Capacity Accommodates most sterndrives
  • Dimensions Length: 36 inches
    Width: 25 3/5 inches
    Height: 47 inches
  • Weight 58 lbs without removable tray
    71 lbs with removable tray
  • Materials Steel
    Red/Black Powdercoat
    5" Rubber Wheels, 300 lb Capacity Each